Robot Sculptures

Here is a link to my other passion and that is making Robots from antiques

Elvis portrait

I made this to honor Elvis. 
it is a silhouette of his face with all kind of things from his life.

Victorian style

My first try to come up with a victorian sign

vector version (so I can make a sticker):
Impression how it should be a window sign.

the 20th Century

I had much fun doing this for a client!

Marcel Paint & decorations


This is a logo I designed for a painter, he wanted it to have a vintage look. but no cliché type of retro.
so I went for a more conventional, established kind of logo but it still got a playful/warm look to it, due to the color scheme.

two versions one normal and one excluded, so it can be printed on dark or light colored (clothing)


I made this one in request for a woman who wanted an illustration of her dog.
Because she gave me a photo where the dog was standing in this position. I thought some heroic stripes would be great behind it.