Here are some paintings I made

First painting ever

Last painting so far

Beloved By Birds

This is how I remember my grandfather.
I made this as a surprise for my grandmother for christmas.


Just to practice in color, the challenge for myself was to make something nice 
in a short period of time.

Cars Retro poster by Steenberg&

Because I admire PIXAR, and really like the retro posters,
I made one just for fun. everything is made up by myself. (character, logo etc)

Company poster

This is a poster I made for the company I work for,
just for fun. the challenge was to make this in just 1 hour. (it's entirely made in Illustrator)

Safari Ride Kolmarden Sweden

One of 20 different artworks for new attraction in Kolmarden Zoo.
This one I designed was printed on emaille.