Robot Sculptures

Here is a link to my other passion and that is making Robots from antiques

Elvis portrait

I made this to honor Elvis. 
it is a silhouette of his face with all kind of things from his life.

Victorian style

My first try to come up with a victorian sign

vector version (so I can make a sticker):
Impression how it should be a window sign.

the 20th Century

I had much fun doing this for a client!

Marcel Paint & decorations


This is a logo I designed for a painter, he wanted it to have a vintage look. but no cliché type of retro.
so I went for a more conventional, established kind of logo but it still got a playful/warm look to it, due to the color scheme.

two versions one normal and one excluded, so it can be printed on dark or light colored (clothing)


I made this one in request for a woman who wanted an illustration of her dog.
Because she gave me a photo where the dog was standing in this position. I thought some heroic stripes would be great behind it.

Daily Troubles

It's a long time ago since I posted some work here because i'm very busy with my work (enjoying it)
so I didn't do much personal work. This is something I made for an animation about daily troubles It would have been short scenes of useless problems throughout the day.  Here are some screenshots, I never had the time to finish it because there were so many things I wanted to do.

Vector poster - Amsterdam

Here is another vector poster, this time it is Amsterdam (capital of the Netherlands). 
It's the Central Station of Amsterdam. It's a beautiful building, although I've never been too Amsterdam before, only on the airport. 

I had to make this one because it is the first city that comes up in your mind 
when you think about Holland. 

Infinity Airlines

A retro space age poster about commercial space travel.
This company is called 'Infinity Airlines'.

prints vector poster

Today I got my prints back and they look great.
These were the vector posters I made a few weeks ago.

Atlas of the world in vector

This is a map of the world I made today.
I want to improve my vector work. so this is done entirely by vectors.
This will be printed on big scale and will decorate the wall in the living room

the Journey to Work

This was made for an animation I recently begun working on. But know put on hold because I've got a job as a graphic designer for theme parks at Jora Vision 

This animation is about people going to work. It shows what problems there are when going to work. You also see what some people have to do to go to work. This is shown in a funny but dramatic way.
There is no main character, you see people in general. This all is put into a dieselpunk, streamline modern style to make it more dramatic.

I hope to work on this again soon but for know this is all. I've already got a minute animation but you get to see it when it's completely finished.

Salt&Pepper - Tea&Coffee posters

These two posters I made last weekend, are made for my mother.
Their final destination is the kitchen.

Vector posters

It was long ago since I made some vector artworks.
So I came up with the idea to make these retro promotional kind of posters for local cities around my home town Schiedam.

Vlaardingen is known for their fishery.
Schiedam is known for having the biggest windmills on earth. 
Rotterdam has got the biggest harbor in Europe, and it's got an airport.

Hat Trick Harry

I always wanted to make a classic kind of poster.
So I made one for a fictional magician.

Caged animation

Caged is an animation about two bird/parrot like animals who "fight" about food.

Fabulous Funfair festival

A project for school was to come up with a fictional festival and make the complete design package for it.

I'm still working on it but here are some concepts. The idea was to stick with three colors red, blue and yellow. You see these sort of primary colors in old posters as whell.



Fairground map

Showreel Steenberg&

Some of my work combined in an compilation. This was an assignment for school. I really like how it turned out.


Here are some paintings I made

First painting ever

Last painting so far

Beloved By Birds

This is how I remember my grandfather.
I made this as a surprise for my grandmother for christmas.


Just to practice in color, the challenge for myself was to make something nice 
in a short period of time.

Cars Retro poster by Steenberg&

Because I admire PIXAR, and really like the retro posters,
I made one just for fun. everything is made up by myself. (character, logo etc)

Company poster

This is a poster I made for the company I work for,
just for fun. the challenge was to make this in just 1 hour. (it's entirely made in Illustrator)